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  • Live Webinars in april

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    On April 2 we will explain how Turbiscan can help formulators in the personal care and cosmetic industry, at every step of the product life cycle: from new formulation optimization and scale-up to manufacturing and end-user properties. 
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    On April 7 We will talk about our solutions for dispersibility, stability & redispersion testing.  Struggling with formulation optimization, scale up or quality issues? This webinar may be for you! 
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    Visit our booth #4643 or come to one of our talks :

    High Shear Viscosity Profiling of Electrolyte Solutions for Use in Battery Applications
    (5-44-1) on 3/3 at 1:30 PM in Room W184BC 

    Predictive Evaluation of Sensory Properties of Yogurts By Utilization of Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy
    (5-30-2) on 3/3 at 8:50 AM in Room W184D 

    Quantification and Prediction of Emulsion Stability Utilizing Plant Proteins As Novel Emulsifiers
     (5-30-1) on 3/3 at 8:30 AM in Room W184D

    Physical stability and potency testing for cannabis-infused beverage formulations
     (5-65-2) on 3/5 at 8:50 AM in Room W176A

  • LDS opens a new Lab in Shanghai

    In January 2010 our Chinese Partner LDS has opened a dedicated lab in a key industrial Park of Shanghai district.
     396 sqm dedicated to formulation analysis services : help with data treatment, particle size measurement, microrheology, stability, surface tension, zeta potential...

  • Nanoparticles - Toxicity and Fate

    We presented a study on the preparation of nanoparticle dispersion in cell culture media and its impact on stability / dosimetry prior to toxicological studies.

    Go to our Webinar Section to watch Nanotoxicity Webinar ! 


How to characterize sedimentation in the Coating Industry

nov 23 2021

In the coating industry, the sedimentation of pigments and fillers has a significant impact on the properties of coatings at the point of use. Being able to accurately characterize sedimentation is crucial to the development of shelf-stable coatings – yet the majority of sedimentation testing is still carried out by visual inspection. In this article, we take a look at the fundamentals of sedimentation, why sedimentation is important in the coating industry, and how stability analyzers enable accurate optimization of coating formulations.1

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Optimizing (Enhanced) Oil Recovery – Tune viscoelastic properties of polymers for drilling and recovery

aug 02 2021

The process of oil recovery needs a wide knowledge of engineering and chemistry, it usually follows specific steps. Each reservoir shows its characteristic properties in terms of formation type, porosity, temperature, salinity, and make it challenging to find the right system for the right reservoir. Starting with drilling to completion and finally the different stages of recovery (EOR) use various materials and additives to improve the productivity of the reservoir. Thus, multiple additives must be adapted for each site. Moreover, during exploitation the conditions can change, e.g. porosity or temperature, and reactivity is needed to adjust used materials.

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How Beverage Trends Have Evolved in Recent Years

jul 23 2021

Consumers’ tastes and preferences for beverages are evolving toward a greater emphasis on health, reshaping beverage supply chains. A rising affinity for lower alcohol content, natural ingredients, sugar-free, or vitamin-rich drinks is observed. Consumers are seeking out flavourful alternatives such as alcohol-free beer, fruity drinks, protein shakes, and soft drinks. With all these demands considered, high level challenges in formulation remain in the beverage industry. 

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How to optimize particle suspensions using Hansen Stability Parameters ?

jun 16 2021

Formulating stable particle suspensions is of great interest for academic and industrials as it allows to enhance the properties and the lifetime of their products. Overall, the choice of the stabilization medium is the key factor to avoid particle agglomeration before adding additives (surfactants, polymers, …etc.) which are, most of the time, quite expensive. The Hansen’s approach can be adapted to describe the particle stability in various solvents by using three different parameters δD, δP and δwhich are representative of the interactions between the particle and the dispersion media.

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