Impact of Centrifugation on Formulation Stability

jan 24 2019

Centrifugation is a separative technique used in phase separation of dispersions, emulsions, and other formulations across many industry sectors. In some cases, it can be used for accelerated stability analysis because it enables to apply strong gravitational stress on the sample, which results in faster separation.

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5 Ways to Measure Viscosity

nov 29 2018

The viscous properties of a liquid or amorphous solid are primarily determined by inter-particle forces within the solution, including friction and attraction between molecules in the macrostructure. These Van der Waals forces are critical facets of a sample’s resistance to deformation, or flow, which defines the material’s viscosity.

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Drug Stability Testing with Formulaction

nov 26 2018

Drug stability testing is a critical stage of R&D, quality control (QC), and quality assurance (QA) for pharmaceutical products. It typically comprises accelerated ageing of a product under simulated use conditions to determine the shelf life of solid phase or colloidal pharmaceuticals.

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