5 Ways to Measure Viscosity

nov 29 2018

The viscous properties of a liquid or amorphous solid are primarily determined by inter-particle forces within the solution, including friction and attraction between molecules in the macrostructure. These Van der Waals forces are critical facets of a sample’s resistance to deformation, or flow, which defines the material’s viscosity.

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Drug Stability Testing with Formulaction

nov 26 2018

Drug stability testing is a critical stage of R&D, quality control (QC), and quality assurance (QA) for pharmaceutical products. It typically comprises accelerated ageing of a product under simulated use conditions to determine the shelf life of solid phase or colloidal pharmaceuticals.

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Opportunities in bunker fuel supply industry: Challenges & Solutions

nov 07 2018

Approaching deadline for Sulfur Cap at 0,5% requires fast compliance 
Recent restrictions on Sulfur Oxides emissions in ships are to be enforced by 2020. The IMO - International Marine Organization - has decided on limiting the maximum amount allowed to 0,5%, a cap that has already been established in Europe and Americas but still needs to be applied worldwide. Tens of thousands of ships are affected and time to comply is short. 

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