Metalworking Fluids (MWF): Overcoming Stability Issues

aug 19 2019

Metalworking fluids (MWFs) are a family of industrial liquids used to reduce the temperature of and/or lubricate metal workpieces while they are being machined. Cutting and grinding processes can generate significant amounts of heat and friction, which can cause undesirable thermomechanical side-effects: burning, deformation, smoking, surface roughness, thermal warping, etc. If a workpiece burns it may be rendered unfit for downstream application, while off-gases and smoke represent a respiratory health risk for personnel. The thermomechanical drawbacks of conventional metalworking can represent logistical and health and safety issues if not addressed. 

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Cosmetic emulsions: Next generation shelf life study towards formulation stability prediction

aug 08 2019

Cosmetic emulsions and suspension formulations are carefully researched and rigorously tested so that the advertised beneficial properties of the product are effectively passed along to the consumer. The image of a company and the notoriety of a brand are reflected by the quality of the formulation and by the consumer response to and review of the product that they purchased. However, with all the testing that can be done in an R&D or QC setting, in laboratories or factories, it is still difficult  to project the efficacy and performance of a product once it is in consumer’s hands. This poses a problem as there is a certain amount of time that elapses from the time of packaging to consumption. This  can range from weeks to months over a period of shipping, warehouse, and shelf storage.

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Challenges in Food and Beverage Stability

jun 14 2019

Chemical and physical destabilization of food and beverages is unavoidable, with numerous interrelated factors combining to alter the long-term thermodynamic behavior of food emulsions, suspensions and foams. This can have dramatic implications for product shelf-life, texture and mouthfeel, even flavor. 
Therefore, enhancing the stability of colloidal systems used in food goods and beverages is a high priority for conserving product quality over time and ensuring the best customer perception.

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