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4 steps to a good formulation with Turbiscan

The webinar shows how Turbiscan helps improving formulation development and production along the whole life cycle. With this single instrument it is possible to study dispersibility, particle size, physical stability, and redispersion. You will better understand the benefits of quantifying the phenomena and learn about the applications of Turbiscan technology on real life applications in material characterisation

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Coating characterisation with Turbiscan

The webinar reviews sensitive methods for dispersion state analysis, to monitor and quantify occurring destabilization phenomena, using Turbiscan technology. We introduce 
Turbiscan Stability Index (TSI) and how it helps assess formulation quality in terms of stability. We will present cases of paint dispersibility, transparent binder stability, settling of toners and different inkjet formulation characterisation

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Precise ink analysis at high shear using Fluidicam Rheo

Find out how Fluidicam Rheo can be used to measure viscosity of different types of ink samples at high shear with high precision. This unique microfluidic rheometer has proved to be a practical tool for formulators dealing with different formulations that require fast analysis at real application conditions. The productivity of the measurement allows to measure multiple samples at high shear rates in less than an hour with minimum volume required.

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Measuring average particle size without dilution

Turbiscan technology provides one in a kind solution to characterise average particle size in your formulations without the need to dilute the samples The measurement done at rest on a native dispersion state, provides information on actual particle size as compared to particles subjected to dilution or mechanical stress. The applications are based on real case studies. 

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Understanding the Turbiscan Stability Index - TSI

Turbiscan Stability Index (TSI) provides a quantified data on global sample stability. With a single number the TSI expresses the magnitude of all occurring phenomena (sedimentation, aggregation, flocculation...), allowing you to rank and compare sample stability of different formulations in a single click. An easy to use method provided with simple scale to rapidly make the decision. 

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