Formulaction’s mission is to meet the growing challenges in material characterization by providing simple, effective, and accurate instrumentation for research laboratories to improve and innovate formulations.

Our experience in working with a diverse range of formulations allows us to offer adapted solutions for any application field. Our technologies have been used in over 8,000 publications and patents. We continuously work in collaboration with Universities, Research Centers, and Industrial Partners to better understand your needs and provide more adapted solutions to our customers every day.

Explore our wide range of applications to find simple and faster solutions for complex questions.

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We have developed solutions for each step of the formulator’s journey from formulation development to final product. Our analytical solutions allow for directly and accurately measuring end use properties, such as dispersibility, stability & shelf life, curing & drying, gelation, sprayability, injectability without sample preparation nor denaturation. Our first commitment is to respect formulations by not altering the product.

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