General Chemistry & Polymers

Measuring the efficiency or the impact on the stability of a raw material integrated in a formulation is a daily challenge. It requires fast, robust, and quantitative information in order to understand the integration into the formulation. Visual observation does not provide the level of sensibility required to meet time-to-market demands. The use of Turbiscan to study the impact of a raw material into a formulation will unleash your R&D potential, currently limited by time and poor data quality obtained by visual observation. Save time (up to x1,000 times faster) and get a numbered answer on your stability measurement.

General Chemistry & Polymers

Inside the General Chemistry & Polymers sector, the Curinscan range allows your developers to determine, with high accuracy, the phase transition temperature. A precise instrument with handy sampling and analysis under realistic conditions.

Sol-gel materials are increasingly being used in various applications, mainly because the process of sol-gel can tune specific parameters such as pore size, density, etc. Its main issue, is the number of necessary tests to obtain the final formula. Rheolaser Master allows to screen numerous formulations thanks to its six measurement positions, increasing the efficiency of the developers’ work.

The Chemistry & Polymers sector gathers different applications as the polymers can be used for different purposes (binders, thickeners, stabilizers, etc.). Fluidicam is positioned in terms of shear rates between the rotational rheometer and capillary, providing the formulator with a full rheological characterization of samples.

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