Home & Personal Care

Home and personal care products are of varied composition (Liquid, Solid, Semi-solid, Foam…) and are complex formulations with many components. Stability and shelf life, thermal properties, film forming processes are key properties that can be assessed quickly and accurately by Formulaction solutions.

Shelf-life determination and stability measurements are crucial when talking about product development and quality control. To fast-forward your consumer goods to the market, you will have to endure a long, tedious, and operator-dependent stability test phase.

Our Turbiscan range saves time, with destabilization detection up to 1,000 times faster compared to visual observation. You will be able to understand the mechanism and rank sample stability with extreme sensibility via the Turbiscan Stability Index (TSI). Your results will be traceable, independent from an operator, and you will have access to outputs 24/7.

Home & Personal Care

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