Oil & Petroleum

Is the crude oil/heavy fuel asphaltene stable? Which additive shall I be using? What is the correct concentration? All the common questions in this industry can easily be addressed by our Turbiscan range and by using the normalized test ASTM D7061 to study the asphaltene stability in less than 15 min.

Oil demulsification is crucial for energy and cost efficiency, and ideal demulsification will lead to a full and fast separation with a separate pure water phase. The demulsification is boosted by chemicals and additives but finding the right demulsifiers and the right concentrations is a long and tedious task.

Turbiscan provides all the information you need: separation kinetic, quality of the interface between the water and the oil, and purity of the separated water. These instruments are highly sensitive, providing real and traceable data, for quick and effective decisions.

Oil & Petroleum

Drilling fluid additives are used to avoid the leakage of expensive drilling fluids in the surrounding porous rocks. Consequently, granular and flaky materials are used, which may cause formation damage (reduction of oil reservoir production by plugging). Rheolaser Master allows for the development of new additives based on gelation and for the study and development of new gelling systems. With this instrument you can accurately determine the gelation kinetics as a function of temperature, composition, etc. It also allows the developer to study the viscosity behavior of drilling fluids through the measurement of zero shear viscosity and kinetics to determine recovery of solid-like state.

EOR polymer gelation kinetics are highly dependent on the well conditions (temperature, salinity, porosity, etc.). Continuous control is needed, as conditions can change with time. Rheolaser Master can be used to study different conditions easily and quickly and to be reactive as a function of the well conditions.

Cement is, amongst others, a material for securing the bore well (completion step). Rheolaser Master offers you an easy method to study dirty samples, with six measurement positions for screening of impact of additives in cement setting.

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