TDNS_13_Pickering Emulsions

The cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food sectors are facing a growing demand for more naturaland less toxic products. Usual surfactants do not respond to this need: most of them aresynthetic and non-biodegradable, and some are also allergenic or irritating.
Pickering emulsions seem to be a good alternative. These emulsions, stabilized by solidparticles, allow to have very stable, more natural, and more health-friendly products.
To make these emulsions, it is essential to control the dispersion phase to avoid aggregatesand therefore enhance final product stability.
This paper shows TURBISCAN DNS capabilities to characterize particle dispersion and size, aswell as emulsion stability in a single experiment without sampling or dilution.

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Categories: Dispersibility-Redispersion, Food & Beverage, General Chemistry & Polymers, Home & Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Stability & Shelf Life, Static Multiple Light Scattering (SMLS), Turbiscan
Tags: Application Note, Pickering Emulsions, Turbiscan, Turbiscan DNS
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