August 7, 2022

Food Webinar Series

Welcome to our Food Webinar Series that focuses on the Food and Beverage industry and its challenges regarding stability, dispersibility, and food texture.


Dispersibility, usually associated with “particle dispersibility”, is one of the key parameters for better, faster, stronger, cost-effective, greener formulations and is the foundation stone of formulation and dispersed systems.

We will cover:
– Dispersibility definition and overview
– Interest for characterizing dispersibility in formulation studies
– How to measure Dispersibility and examples like powder dispersibility into liquid, online emulsification studies, and the impact of the dispersibility on stability

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With the rise of trendy food and beverages, come a host of challenges to solve. Join us for this webinar to discover how Turbiscan technology can help you better understand and evaluate your physical stability challenges (sedimentation, clarification, creaming, ring formation), size variation, and shelf life.

We will cover:
– Evaluation of plant protein’s efficiency as emulsifiers
– Shelf life determination of THC/CBD infused beverages
– Beer stability characterization
– Ring formation analysis

  • Determination of the optimal formulation & curing protocol: time, temperature

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The texture is one of the key parameters for a food product and its acceptance by the consumer. Texture can be adjusted by a wide range of additives and processes.

Dairy products, such as cheeses and yogurts, constitute an important part of nutrition and are usually obtained by milk gel formation. Their texture has a direct impact on the quality of the product. Food developers can use different ingredients, such as rennets, starter cultures, and proteins, or different processes to obtain the desired texture.

In this webinar, you can learn how Rheolaser Master can monitor the gel formation in real-time and provide detailed information about key parameters (gel point, gel strength, flocculation point). With these results, food specialists can easily choose the right ingredients and process parameters for faster and better development.

We will cover:

– Obtain key parameters by real-time monitoring of milk gel formation
– Reduce time-to-market of new products by screening numerous recipes
– Optimize your process by identifying the most promising product

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