April 27, 2021

In-situ Monitoring of Curing & Drying from RT to 250°C

The CurinScan allows you to monitor in real-time the curing and drying processes of your materials from RT to 250°C in a controlled temperature and humidity chamber. Nowadays, various industries are challenged to provide more competitive and more environment-friendly materials. They are constantly on the lookout for innovation and the formulation and reformulation of new materials. Thus, the characterization of these innovative formulations is a key point to control.


Optimize the formulation & process of your coatings, paints, inks, powders, adhesives, polymers, batteries…

The instrument combines the sensitivity and accuracy of an optical measurement (DWS) with a controlled high temperature and humidity chamber to measure real-time drying and curing kinetics. It monitors rheological changes and phase transitions during film formation.

It offers an in-situ, non-invasive, and handy characterization way to optimize the formulation (coatings, inks, powders, adhesives, slurries…) and the parameters that can influence it (temperature, humidity, substrate, thickness…)

The analysis can be done on any type of substrate material allowing to:

  • Monitor and know precisely the curing/drying kinetics
  • Determine the characteristic times of the film forming process
  • Analyze from room temperature up to 250°C with humidity control
  • Evaluate the impact of the formulation, the temperature, the substrate…

Characterize and optimize the curing and drying processes of your materials from room temperature up to 250°C with humidity control.

Learn more about the CurinScan and how it can help with your curing & and drying today!

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