Let’s re-formulate The future

The future needs a big huge new RE.
RE-defined, RE-imagined, RE-invented, RE-cycled, RE-[younameit].
We and all formulators of the world have our RE: RE - formulate.

This is why we, at Formulaction, are driven by one strong mission:
through a continuous disruptive approach, we accelerate the transition of every industry by bringing scientists a faster and efficient way to directly measure end use properties.

How? Using our specially designed future-driven instruments that use optical and non-invasive techniques which allow characterising of solutions and formulations in the exact way that they are going to be used (product and shelf conditions).

We are a progressive, creative and confident team, committed in standing by every formulator in their journey to change the future.

We are the best partner for your formulation needs in your industry, but we’re going to let the numbers speak for themselves:


R&D labs using our instruments


scientific publications using our instruments


patents referring to our instruments


Per year turnover Growth rate For the last 10 years


Export turnover


Worldwide patents


of the top 1000 worldwide companies are Formulaction customers


Our wide range of applications
showcases our expertise

The development of cost effective, sustainable, and high-performance products is transversal to every industry. Formulas need to be developed, processes optimized, and final product properties guaranteed.