Fluidicam Rheo

High Shear Viscosity by Fluidicam

Fluidicam Rheo

Fluidicam offers accurate measurements of the viscosity of product from low to very high shear with a small sample volume. Using microfluidics set up combined with optical imaging, Fluidicam products allow highly accurate measurements even at very low viscosities and over a wide shear rate range.

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Fluidicam Rheo features
  • High precision shear viscosity measurement (1%)

  • High shear rates (from 100-180 000 s-1) allowing access to real usage conditions (including printing, spraying, injecting, lubrication, or simple pipe flow)

  • Fast Flow curve measurement in minutes with small sample volume (Microliters to milliliters)

  • Calibration free instrument, based on co-flow of a sample and reference products

  • Live image acquisition during the analysis thanks to the camera allowing a visual check-up and data review

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Fast shear viscosity measurement

Low sample volume requirements

Simple to use / plug and play instrument

High precision & accuracy & reproducibility

Characterization of volatile and fast-drying samples

Fast temperature sweep from 4°C to 80°C

  • Sample viscosity range

    0.1 - 200,000 mPa.s

  • Shear rate range

    100 - 105 s-1

  • Temperature range

    4 - 80°C

  • Minimum sample volume

    < 500 μL

  • Microfluidic chip

    150 and 50 μm (glass or PMMA)

  • Syringe size

    10 mL

  • Accuracy


  • Repeatability


  • Dimensions

    37 x 32 x 66 cm

  • Weight


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