Rheolaser Master

Viscoelastic properties determination

Rheolaser Master

Rheolaser Master has been designed to monitor the evolution of the rheological properties, such as viscoelasticity change versus aging time, or sol-gel transition with high precision thanks to the Time Cure Superposition method. MS-DWS technology provides high sensitivity to the smallest structure change with no contact and easy sample handling method.

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  • Samples
  • temperature


Rheolaser Master features
  • 6-sample simultaneous analysis and comparison, at rest, allowing for the study of fragile structures over time

  • Temperature controls up to 90°C for analysis processes (150°C on demand)

  • Microrheology structure analysis (including gel point determination, viscosity and elasticity indexes, gel strength, ageing time)

  • Optical technique for measuring gel structure, characterizing real structure properties even for weak networks

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Multi-sample analysis at rest

Non-intrusive technology

Wide temperature range

Easy sample handling

Contact- and destruction-free analysis

Hazardous sample measurements

Multiple parameters in a single experiment

  • Technology

    MS-DWS 650 nm

  • Cell Volume

    4 or 20 ml

  • Simultaneous measurements


  • Temperature control

    RT to 90°C

  • l* measurement


  • Viscosity range

    15mPa.s and up

  • Dimensions

    60 x 40 x 30 cm

  • Weight


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