Turbiscan AGS

High-throughput stability analyzer now with robot gripper

Turbiscan AGS

High throughput screening is more and more useful to shorten the formulation’s time-to-market. Turbiscan AGS integrates the Turbiscan LAB stability analyzer, a robot, a storage station, and smart software for automatic sample handling and reporting.

This concept enables automated management of aging tests from sample storage at different temperatures to shelf-life analysis.

How fast is the Turbiscan?  Test our Shelf-Life Simulator and estimate the timesaving factor using the Turbiscan technology compared to visual observation.

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  • Samples
  • temperature
  • tsi


Turbiscan AGS features
  • Accelerated destabilization detection up, to x1000 faster than visual observation, thanks to the SMLS technology

  • Real Stability: Sample stability analysis without the need for dilution or mechanical stress, in concentrations up to 95%

  • A fully automated robot station working 24/7 without any user intervention

  • 3 thermocontrolled storage rack (from RT to 60°C) to simulate storage conditions and to accelerate even more the stability detection

  • Quantitative measurements of the dispersion stability & shelf life, migration velocity, particle size diameter, and others

  • One click stability ranking through the Turbiscan Stability Index

  • Analyze up to 54 samples

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Automated ageing station

Multisample stability analysis (54)

Storage conditions

Reliable measurements & hassle-free sample preparation: no dilution, no additional stress

Stability & particle size analysis

Intuitive & multi-user software

Traceability quality control

  • Technology

    SMLS 880 nm

  • Sample Cell Volume


  • Temperature range

    RT - 60°C (3 racks) *90°C on demand

  • Number of Samples


  • Maximum sample conc.

    95% v/v

  • Measured size range

    10 nm - 1mm

  • Reproducibility / Repeatability

    0.1 % / 0.05%

  • Acquisition scan step


  • Automatic sample recognition (bar-code)


  • ISO Compliant

    TR 13097, TR 18811, TR 13014, TS 21357 Compliant

  • Dimensions

    145 x 75 x 85 cm

  • Weight


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