Turbiscan Oil Series

Stability analyzer for crude & fuel oils

Turbiscan Oil Series

Turbiscan® is used world-wide to detect at an early stage all kinds of destabilization such as coalescence, flocculation, creaming, sedimentation, etc…

Turbiscan® Oil Series allows the stability analysis of heavy fuel oil thanks to an innovative method granted ASTM D7061.

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  • Samples
  • temperature


Turbiscan Oil Series features
  • Design to study heavy fuel & crude oil asphaltene stability, asphaltene dispersant efficiency and blend compatibility following the ASTM D7061

  • One click experiment

  • Fast analysis: get your results in 15 min

  • Easily transported for on-field analysis

  • Rapid instability detection, monitorization, and characterization (including aggregation, agglomeration, flocculation, sedimentation, and creaming)

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Standardized heavy fuel analysis

Portable and robust

Rapid scan frequency for quick detection of instabilities

Reliable measurements

Hassle-free sample preparation

Intuitive software

Designed for oil and petroleum industry

  • Technology

    SMLS 880 nm

  • Sample Cell Volume


  • Temperature range


  • Number of Samples


  • Maximum sample conc.

    60% v/v

  • Reproducibility / Repeatability

    0.25% / 0.1%

  • Acquisition scan step


  • Automatic samples recognition (bar-code)


  • ISO Certification

    TR 13097 Compliant

  • Dimensions

    34 x 16 x 29 cm

  • Weight


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