Coating Analysis

CurinScan allows the monitoring of particles nanoscale mobility during the curing and drying process. Thanks to the Nanoscale Mobility Analysis (NMA), it identifies the drying & curing mechanisms (evaporation, packing, hardening…) and the characteristic times (Open time, dry-surface, dry-through…). The measurement is in-situ, contactless and works on any type of substrate (glass, metalic, paper, wood…) from room temperature (RT) up to 250 °C.

CurinScan works on any kind of film-forming products or coatings, such as inks, paints, adhesives, varnishes, resins, binders, cosmetic films…

  • Contactless measurement

  • Temperature and Humidity control

  • Real time measurement

How does it work?

CurinScan detects particle Brownian motion, also known as particle mobility. During the film formation or curing process, particle mobility decreases due to the change in the structure from heterogeneous liquid to uniform dried/cured material. A thorough analysis of the particle mobility provides a full reading of the drying mechanisms and drying times: evaporation, packing, polymerization, curing…