The Data Driven Simulation For Formulation Shelf Life

A shelf-life prediction tool dedicated to all formulators and chemists for a rapid shelf-life prediction. Simulate, adjust, and optimize your formula to reach the targeted physical stability.

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Shelf-Life Simulator helps formulators and chemists to estimate the visual shelf-life of formulations and dispersions (emulsion and suspensions). Simply enter a few physical parameters and the simulator will estimate for how long your system will be visually stable.

Would like to have a more robust formulation? Edit your simulation parameters (particle size, viscosity…) to know the stability gain and save precious time optimizing formulations.

Would like to save time in measuring stability? Shelf-life Simulator also provides the saving time factor using the Turbiscan technology (SMLS) compared to naked eye evaluation.

How Does It Work?

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Use your own parameters or let us guide you It takes less than a minute to estimate the shelf-life Visual shelf-life is displayed in minutes, hours, or days


We, at Formulaction, have been working in the field of colloids, dispersions, and formulation science for almost 30 years. Based on our expertise in light scattering and destabilization mechanisms, we have developed this simulation tool to understand light interaction with particles undergoing destabilization.

It has become a very precious tool for us, and we would like to share it with the scientific and formulation community to save time in screening and development.

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