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At Formulaction, we use our 25+ years of expertise to embed cutting-edge technologies into well-thought scientific instruments, allowing our clients to develop formulas quickly and efficiently.

Static Multiple Light Scattering (SMLS)

The most appropriate method for native-state liquid dispersions’ characterization. SMLS is a powerful light scattering technique to measure and characterize stability & shelf-life, dispersibility and particle size of any liquid dispersions in concentrated and opaque samples without any stress/denaturation.


Nanoscale Mobility Analysis (NMA)

Nanoscale Mobility Analysis (NMA) allows the following microstructure changes in formulas. The high sensitivity of this measurement allows for identifying drying and curing mechanisms (evaporation, skinning, packing, hardening,…) and characteristic times (open time, dry surface, dry through,…). This technology, embedded in the CurinScan range, is contactless and applicable on any type of substrate (glass, metal, paper, wood,…) from RT up to 250°C with humidity control.


Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy (MS-DWS)

The best solution to measure and monitors structural properties of a material at rest. MS-DWS technology used by Rheolaser range measures the Brownian motion of the particles to determine the structure-related properties of various types of samples (bulk, film) under different times, concentration and temperatures. This technology allows to monitor gel formation, rheological behaviors, network structure evolution and phase transitions .


Microfluidics By Optical Imaging

The technology to measure high shear viscosity with small sample volume. Fluidicam uses the microfluidic principles to obtain precise and high-shear rate viscosity measurements based on a co-flow comparison between a sample and a reference solution in a confined microfluidic channel.


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