April 27, 2023

Batteries: Optimize Performances and Production Costs

Today, energy storage systems such as batteries are at the heart of key stakes for the future of the planet. The development of durable, efficient batteries must involve the use of fewer resources and more sustainable raw materials.

Formulators need to optimize battery features and fabrication to achieve very specific objectives:

1) Improve performances: battery features and fabrication optimization leads to better performances in the battery’s energy density, power output, and cycling stability. It makes the battery more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.

2) Reduce costs: an efficient battery fabrication process reduces manufacturing costs by improving production efficiency and reducing waste. It makes batteries more affordable for consumers and accelerates the adoption of energy storage technologies.

3) Increase safety: enhancing the battery design and fabrication improves safety by reducing the risk of thermal runaways, short circuits, and other safety hazards. It prevents battery fires and explosions, which can be dangerous and costly.

4) Last and not least: developing cleaner, more sustainable batteries using less non-renewable resources and generating less waste reduces the environmental impact of such production. Battery production and disposal are key steps for future industry needs.

This webinar presents CURINSCAN EXPERT and how this solution helps formulators to compare different slurry formations and enhance the slurry drying process.

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Application Note: Battery slurries drying

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