March 16, 2023

Dairy Product Characterization

The dairy industry is constantly growing due to increasing demand. Product development is under pressure to provide new recipes in a short time, keeping quality standards high. Food scientists and cheese-makers use numerous additives, such as starters, rennets, and proteins, which have a significant impact on the final product properties. In addition, as a natural product, the quality of milk may change with livestock feeding, product storage, and origin conditions. For the validation of a new recipe, many tests must be performed. Specific parameters, such as gelation time, gel strength, and flocculation time help to improve the quality and yield of the product. Thus, innovative and straightforward methods are needed to characterize milk gel formation.

Formulaction, a leading company in non-destructive optical characterization, proposes a new and innovative method to study in real time the formation of yogurt and cheese.

This webinar introduces the instrument Rheolaser Master and its technique, followed by several examples of how Rheolaser Master can help in the development of new dairy products.


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