February 10, 2023

Dynamic Viscosity of Water-Based Inks

Nowadays, the market of water-based ink is highly developing, and the focus is mainly to replace the solvent carrier with water, which is more eco-friendly. In addition, water is relatively cheaper and sustainable, and remains the most challenging to handle as a carrier because of its higher surface tension and low viscosity. Therefore the addition of a lot of surfactants and additives is required to have the optimum specifications of the ink. Assessing dynamic viscosity and rheological behavior is a key element to have an overview of the processability and the quality of water-based inks. This webinar session will interest formulators struggling with the viscosity measurement of inks or process manufacturers seeking successful ink printability. During this webinar, we will present the FluidicamRHEO and how it works with a focus on the principle of the technique, followed by some examples in the inkjet ink sectors to highlight the different advantages brought by this new technology to the world of viscosity characterization of ink formulations.

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