December 7, 2022

High-Shear Viscosity for Pharmaceutical Formulations Optimization

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The viscosity profile is an important physical property to accurately check the impact of raw materials on a pharmaceutical formulation. It is also a good indicator of performance and efficiency at different stages of formulation. High-concentrated pharmaceutical formulations (proteins, antibodies, …), are often challenging to analyze due to high viscosity values, risk of contamination, and low volume availability.

Formulaction’s microfluidic rheometer, FluidicamRHEO, provides dynamic viscosity profiles as a function of shear rate up to 180 000 s-1 in less than 500 µL sample volume. It allows formulators to screen formulations quickly and identify the right raw materials candidates, leading to more efficiency and R&D costs reduction.

FluidicamRHEO is a lifesaver for formulators struggling with low viscosity and volatile (spray drying) product characterization. Thanks to its confined microfluidic system, this solution provides a stable flow and excellent repeatability/reproducibility, even at high shear rates.

Benefits of using FluidicamRHEO:
• Rheological profile identification in real-life application conditions of shear (100 – 180 000 s-1) and temperature (4°C – 80°C).
• No extrapolation and interpolation with rheological models: the instrument measures the viscosity profile in a range of shear rates corresponding to rubbing, eyelid blinking, or injection application, with no need to extrapolate with theoretical rheology.
• Airproof system: FluidicamRHEO’s microfluidic system prevents air contact with samples to avoid any contamination or irreversible coagulation.

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