June 13, 2022

How to measure viscosity of pharmaceutical formulations

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Fluidicam RHEO is a rheometer based on the microfluidic technology used for dynamic viscosity determination as a function of shear rates up to 180 000 s-1, requiring less than 3 minutes analysis time and less than 3 ml sample volume per flow curve.

Thanks to the microfluidic system of the instrument, Fluidicam RHEO allows the formulator a quick screening of a variety of formulations with excellent precision and repeatability and therefore qualification or discrimination of the right candidates of raw materials for better efficiency and lower R&D costs.

The combination of the camera to the rheometer brings a live visual during the measurement and a post-treatment checkup of the analysis, but also a trustful analysis for the formulators.

This webinar will take a dive into the processability and performance of pharmaceutical formulations using the viscosity profile at the right conditions of use, in terms of shear rates and temperature. This webinar session will interest formulators struggling with the viscosity measurement of low viscosity formulations and seeking successful processability.

We will also present the Fluidicam RHEO and how it works with a focus on the principle of the technique, followed by some examples to highlight the different advantages brought by this new technology to the word of viscosity characterization of pharmaceutical formulations.

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