July 13, 2023

Li-Ion Battery: Stable and Homogeneous Electrode Slurry Formulation

One of the key steps during the Li-ion Battery manufacturing process is the slurry formulation and manufacturing.

Electrodes slurry is a complex matrix composed of several components embedded into a solvent. The homogeneity and the perfect volume distribution of the different materials are essentials for high-quality and durable batteries. Indeed, the dispersibility/homogeneity of the different components and the stability of the structure will ensure a nice, smooth, and homogeneous film all over the electrode surface.

Due to their high concentration and absorbency, characterization of the anode and cathode slurry is a tremendous challenge. Visual observation will provide low or no information at all, particle size technologies require an important amount of dilution…

The Turbiscan technology, using Static Multiple Light Scattering (SMLS), have demonstrated in the past decade its ability to measure stability and heterogeneity information on such complex matrix and is used in most manufacturer to:
– Study the stability of electrode slurry.
– Select the right raw material and the best supplier (carbon black, binders…)
– Transition to greener solvent
– Process optimization

During this webinar, after an introduction to the formulation of the electrode slurry, we will present the Turbiscan technology principle and some case studies on electrode slurry stability study.

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