October 20, 2022

Optimize Formulation and Curing of Coatings and Functional Films

Various industries are challenged to provide more competitive and environmentally friendly materials. They are constantly looking for innovation, formulation, and reformulation of new materials. Our latest development CurinScan Expert offers an in-situ and non-invasive characterization to optimize the formulation (liquid coatings, powder paint, adhesives, cosmetic masks, electronics, etc.) and the parameters that can influence the curing (temperature, humidity, substrate, thickness, etc.) to optimize the materials and the processes.

CurinScan Expert allows:

  • Objectivity and accuracy in monitoring the curing/drying
  • Determine the characteristic times of the film formation
  • Analysis from RT up to 250°C with humidity control
  • Evaluate the impact of formulation, temperature, substrate & thickness
  • Optimize the formulation and the manufacturing protocol

The Webinar presentation covers the following:

  • Current challenges and needs
  • The new instrument, how it works, and a sampling demonstration
  • Several examples of applications: liquid coatings, powder paint, adhesives, and cosmetic masks…

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