July 1, 2022

Optimizing Particle Stability by the Hansen Approach

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To achieve stable dispersion and desired particle size, one of the very first and fundamental steps is solvent selection. Solvent plays a major role in particle dispersibility and strongly impacts the final particle size and particle stability.

Solvent selection is also an essential parameter for formulation optimization and environmentally friendly strategies like:

  • Identify and choose greener alternatives to synthetic & petrol-based solvent
  • Save on additives and stabilizers by optimizing particle-solvent affinity
  • Fasten the development and production time with easier to disperse formulations

The Turbiscan technology outclasses conventional visual observation and provides the extreme sensitivity requested for this prediction study. The tests are made in only 30 minutes via the one-click Turbiscan Stability Index (TSI) to build the Hansen Sphere and predict the ideal solvent or solvent mixture.

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