June 17, 2021

Optimizing Vaccine Efficiency and Dosage

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Vaccine and vaccine technologies have been one of the major scopes of interest of the past months. To face current sanitary emergency, scientists have developed safe and stable vaccines at a speed never seen previously. To shorten the development time and at the same time ensure efficiency and safe vaccine, vaccine development and characterization are essential. Our next webinar will focus on How to Assess and optimize vaccine efficiency and dosage via fast, rapid, and objective measurement of the agglomeration state.

During this webinar, we will be presenting strategies to fasten vaccines development and ensure efficiency and product quality:

  • Early detection of the migration and agglomeration state
  • Fast adjuvant screening
  • Reliable and fast QC control to safe vaccine production
  • Assess resuspension: Study and unique method

We will be introducing the principle of the Turbiscan technology and the application of the Turbiscan for vaccine development and fast QC control.

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