June 22, 2021

Polymers as Stabilizers: What is the Impact on Stability?

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Nowadays, chemists and formulators have access to a huge range of stabilizers and additives to reach their specifications and enhance dispersion properties. A majority of these additives are polymers or biopolymers. They have been used for decades and still, today, offer tremendous opportunities to move toward greener, healthier, and more efficient formulations. They are very promising due to their impact on multiple properties (viscosity, dispersibility, stability), reducing the number of ingredients in formulations, and providing benefits on multiple fronts.

When used at the right concentration, polymers have a positive impact on shelf life, however, at higher concentration, it may not only be more costly but will also lead to undesired and unexpected destabilizations (flocculation by depletion, particle sedimentation by tunneling, network compression…

During our next webinar, we will be presenting destabilization induced by the addition of polymer into formulations, the mechanism behind, how to test, detect and predict the shelf life in just a couple of days or hours.

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