September 29, 2023

Polymers Solubilization Monitoring for Better Product Stability

Polymers with their diverse characteristics are valuable ingredients for various applications such as coatings/adhesives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics… Indeed, they play a major role, for example in the sample texture, stability, encapsulation, film formation…

The polymer dissolving process into a solvent is referred to as polymer solubilization and usually corresponds to the very first formulation step. Polymers’ complete solubilization is essential to enhance dispersibility, emulsification ability, particle suspension for good adherence, better water resistance, prevent settling, and targeted control release.

Many factors impact the solubilization step:
– Polymer properties: chain length, molecular weight… Synthetic polymers (for coatings, resins…) or natural ones (plant proteins, cellulose…).
– Solvent: depending on these polymer’s properties. It’s important to consider the compatibility within the solvent but also to consider the environmental issues with the dynamic to move toward greener solvents.
– The process: impact of the temperature, dispersion, and polymer hydration time…

Therefore, several challenges must be met considering the solubilization ability of polymers in addition to new tendencies, and regulations. On top of that, there is no official methodology or technique to characterize or quantify this ability.

The Turbiscan DNS, with its mixing capabilities on native samples at a wide range of temperatures, offers the possibility to characterize and optimize polymer solubilization to enhance final product stability and performance.

During this webinar, after a brief introduction to the Turbiscan technology (SMLS-Static Multiple Light Scattering) and the principle of measurement, we will study different polymers solubilization case study: how to solubilize plant-proteins, how to move toward greener solvents, how to screen product from different suppliers….

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