March 17, 2023

Shelf-Life Prediction by Turbiscan

Dispersions and formulations are mixtures of non-miscible phases and are willing to separate. Avoiding phase separation is essential to keep end-use properties and a nice visual aspect over days, weeks, months, and sometimes years.

The determination of the Shelf-Life mostly relies on visual observation and is sometimes combined with high-temperature storage to accelerate the destabilization process.

However, Shelf-Life checking by visual observation is tedious, time and resource-consuming (storage in a different incubator for several months). Furthermore, being based on visual observation, it can be prone to poor sensibility and source of human error and reproducibility.

What if we could use an instrument to predict the Shelf-life?

What if we could just use a simulator to estimate the Shelf-life?

This webinar covers the following topics :

  • Shelf-Life prediction and time-saving stability measurement using the Turbiscan technology, compliant with ISO TR13097 (case study on a cosmetic product)
  • Introduction to the Shelf-Life Simulator, a unique tool to estimate the Shelf-Life of any formulation based on its physical parameters.

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