April 29, 2020

Turbiscan Applications: Dispersibility, Stability & Redispersion Testing (Session2)

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Most of the liquid dispersions contain incompatible ingredients that must remain stable through the whole shelf life to avoid instability signs (phase separation, cloudiness, aggregation or flocculation…).

Additives like oils, fragrances, salts or solid particles can easily cause stability problems. Learn how Turbiscan technology can help optimize your formulations.

The presentation will cover definitions and challenges faced by formulators. We will explain how the SMLS technology can be used to reduce the development time of new formulations, optimize scale-up processes, or analyze the shelf life of finished products. We will explain how Turbiscan allows for evaluating dispersibility or redispersion efficiency. You will be able to understand the benefits of quantifying destabilization with a single number and being able to anticipate any potential quality problems to save both time and money.

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