June 11, 2020

Turbiscan Applications: Fuel & Oil Formulation Analysis for Oil & Gas Industry

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This presentation will review the Turbiscan SMLS technology and how it can be used to analyze fuel blends, lubricants, and other essential fluids in the oil and gas industry. In addition to ASTM D7061 which utilizes a separability number to measure of asphaltene stability using the Turbiscan, we will review the recent IMO 2020 regulations and the importance of adjusting heavy bunker fuels to meet the 0.5% sulfur standard by blending and other methods. We will explain how the Turbiscan can be used to reduce the development time required for determining stable fuel formulations to meet new regulatory requirements, evaluate raw materials from suppliers, and determine demulsification kinetics.

The webinar will provide participants a greater understanding of the utility of quantifying destabilization phenomena with a single number, the Turbiscan Stability Index, to anticipate any potential quality problems and predict shelf-life. By developing more efficient processes to determine stability, Turbiscan users can save time and money during product development and produce better performing fluids.

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