May 27, 2020

Turbiscan Applications: Green Formulations Development and Stability

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The presentation will review the Turbiscan SMLS technology and how it can be applied to create more sustainable formulations by replacing high carbon footprint ingredients that may be harmful to human and environmental health.

Based on recent publications in the field of Green Chemistry the Webinar will cover a diverse range of applications including cosmetics, agrochemicals, surfactants, and food additives and explain how the Turbiscan can be used to reduce the development time of novel “green” formulations and evaluate new raw materials such as lignin nanoparticles, bacterial cellulose, and plant-derived solvents.

The webinar will provide participants a greater understanding of the benefits of quantifying destabilization phenomena with a single number, the Turbiscan Stability Index, to anticipate any potential quality problems and predict shelf-life.

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